The time has come for all stakeholders to address the unspoken elephant in the room, and decide on a logic based answer to the “Question of Palestine.”

The Moral Equivalency of Violence

The slaughter of innocence may never be justified within a proclamation of moral righteous. “You can not hide blood soaked hands and matching soul when it becomes your turn to meet your fate, by whatever words you choose to call God’s name……

The Maple Proposal: A first step in defining “The new world order?”

Finding a solution to a big problem often requires a big idea. Even when discovered, a big idea that solves a big problem is often ignored or forgotten because it appeared to difficult to accomplish.….

اقتراحُ القَيْقَب: الطريق الذي يُؤَدي إلى كلّ شيء

conceptual idea for a new state.

إيجادُ حَلٍّ لمشكلة كبيرة غالبًا ما يتطلّب فكرةً كبيرةً.

وحتى عندما يتمُّ اكتشاف الفكرة الكبيرة التي تحلُّ مشكلة كبيرة، فغالبًا ما يتمُّ تجاهلها أو نسيانها لأنه بَدَا من الصعب جدًا تحقيقها.

Urban art and the passage of time.

the last known images of Vancouver DTES Lao Tsu mural

Few pieces of urban art can withstand the passage of time. Often created with singular points of inception by solitary individuals, these cultural icons, again and again, are…….

Say No to “Bio-Apartheid:” A logic base refute of the vaccine passport.

If by the indolence and arrogance of those who have been elected I am asked to surrender the very foundational rights of Western Civilization, “Freedom of Choice,” “Freedom of Movement,” I SAY NO!

Freedom within a Civil Society

Upon the shoulders of few, many ungrateful seek to succeed.

Forged within the crucible of free will, and honed to the sharpest of edge by a constant desire to test one’s strength of character, we are willing…..

Is the Maple Proposal the last chance for peace in the Middle East?

The folly of the foolish man blinds him from reality. He basks in the warmth and comfort of his ignorance, willfully denying facts to the detriment of the outcome he unwittingly brings forth, all while truly believing his self-declared moral righteousness.

Meaningful Containment or Meaningful Engagement?

Like small jigsaw puzzle pieces spilled upon the kitchen table, problem-solving and dispute reconciliation within the Middle East Conflict Zone combine with multiple issues and uncertain starting points to create a maddening frustration.

N= (xy⟮?⟯)+Σ : The Singularity Paradox Defined

What if, by the simple act of defining a problem, a problem with multiple variant outcomes, one outcome a catastrophic end to the human race, another, unfathomable knowledge for all of mankind, you created the solution, an unknown solution. Would you continue?

A Study in Conflict

A four part essay examining the Middle East Conflict Zone

Part 1: Lines Drawn in the Sand

As the Middle Eastern Conflict Zone wobbles and heaves along the precipice of yet another cycle within the endless war, the Middle East appears once again lost within a barren wasteland, where common sense and simple realities are easily forgotten. 

Part 2: Russians, Shiites, and Turks, set terms for Palestine Peace?

“You keep what you kill.” The most base of human emotions. Born of a primitive instinct, fueled by fear, the simplest, most rudimentary form of thought. The starting point in the evolution of mankind, yet still the foundation of thought that enslaves all but the enlightened few.

Part 3: Bloom not Boom: Israel & Palestine

“Why? Why should I seek peace? He has wronged me. I am content to kill. I am content to exist within the rage that fuels my life. What could peace offer me, or my family?

Part 4: Strategic Assessment of the Middle East Conflict Zone?

To any common man, or woman, the current social-economic, political, and military reality on the ground within the Middle Eastern Conflict Zone is very clear, which makes the continuation of hostilities, and toxic rhetorical posturing, extremely confounding.