Addition by Subtraction: How the Nation-State of Palestine is Created?

The politics of war expose the miscalculation of violent resistance to oppression, for only the foolish man assumes he has calculated every variable within the equation of “political violence.”

Consumed by a blinding rage, the foolish man is unable to see that what stands before him, the focus of his intense hatred, is equally enraged and equally willing to commit horrific acts of violence to achieve a “political outcome.”

Calculations of the “Axis of Resistance?

To assume knowledge of another man or woman’s thought process is as foolish as it sounds. At best, one may examine the deeds and actions of another human being and postulate the possible lines of thinking that created the motivations that drove that person, or persons’, decision-making process.

Even the most precursory examination of the obvious forethought and planning that preceded the Axis of Resistance’s blasphemous act of intentionally slaughtering scores of innocent Israeli civilians reveals that the calculated decision to go “full medieval” and take hundreds of hostages represents perhaps the greatest blunder in mankind’s sordid history of oppression and revolt.

To paraphrase Hamas Leadership in a sick and blackened paradox, Hamas’ decision to take and keep hundreds of men, women and children as hostages has given the Israeli a “license to kill innocent Palestinians.”

Such are the realities of the madness of men.

The Sum of What Remains

Within a world driven by a hyper-communication system, the toxic refuse that is the politics of man poisons everything it touches. Left to the few, decisions of consequence are no longer driven by the idealism of solutions but by greed and the potent narcotic of anger and rage.

Now, as the global community watches in horror, blinded as to solutions, all that remains is rage, hatred, death and the ruins of a land once called home to over a million men, women and children.
No thought as to what maybe, no thought as to what is possible.
It is here, at this point in time, that the Palestinian people find themselves.

Caught within a dark and furious storm, only a fortuitous reckoning will reveal a path forward, a path of salvation for a fallen generation without hope or direction.

Addition by Subtraction

It is easy to point fingers and call out in full throat, “You’re to blame,” the act of merely expressing rage offers nothing when attempting to calculate a solution to the most recent acts of horrific acts of violence committed by Hamas and Israel within the Middle East Conflict Zone.

Only by understanding and addressing the underlying causes of grievance will a true solution be found.

If the Hams attack on October 7 and the brutal Israeli response are to be the final chapter of war and killing in the dark and bloody narrative of the land of Palestine, then the time has come for all stakeholders to address the unspoken elephant in the room, and decide on a logic based answer to the “Question of Palestine.”

Simply put, a failure to address the Palestinian Peoples’ main grievance within any postulated peace plan, a share of Al Quds, will leave the Palestinian population once again vulnerable to the toxic poison of men, “Grievance Politics.”

One does not have to be a scholar to understand the basic arithmetic that solves this question. Subtracting a narrow strip of land by the sea that is home to a people long since forgotten by the Nation Of Egypt, a nation their Fathers once called home, and adding more landmass to the Westbank territory, is the only answer that offers any hope of creating a lasting peace within the conflict zone.

Ultimately if the men and women who make the decisions of consequence cannot grasp the concept that peaceful coexistence offers a vast and endless supply of wealth, a wealth far greater than anything that dominating the human condition with simple anger and rage can offer, then the human race is doomed to failure, with no hope of advancing beyond sustainably.