Freedom within a Civil Society

Upon the shoulders of few, many ungrateful seek to succeed.

Forged within the crucible of free will, and honed to the sharpest of edge by a constant desire to test one’s strength of character, we are willing. Those lacking be forewarned. Though our shoulders are broad and eager to bear the weight of sacrifice, we are few, and our numbers grow short.

What is “Freedom” within a civil society? What does it mean? More importantly, what does it mean to you?

Are you one of the few who understands, and accepts, the simple premise upon which our lives and livelihood are built?

Or, are you one of the ungrateful who cries out in full throat “Freedom” while unwilling, not unable, unwilling, to accept the simple premise upon which a civil society is built?

An ungrateful individual who has become lost within the darkness of greed and selfishness, and with their thoughts and actions refuse to acknowledge the hard work and sacrifice of those who seek to build something of wonder, a civil society?

Come now, don’t be embarrassed, we all know at least one. We see them at work, we hear them in our social gatherings, we watch and listen to them within the content we consume. Perhaps you may even be one?

Is absolute “Freedom,” with complete disregard for your fellow citizen, or the society in which sustains you, the banner and voice that makes you complete? Do you secretly desire to holler “Fire” within a crowded movie theatre?

If you are in fact one of the many who have become infected with “belligerent ignorance” by the hyper-communication platforms of the modern world, perhaps a gentle reminder of a simple fact will give you pause.

You can not sustain, and hope to prosper within a civil society unless you are prepared to accept some form of social norms and rules.

And here’s the kicker. Accepting a minimum level of societal norms and rules does not have to be equal to the man or woman’s who stands next to you, but a minimum acceptance is required to ensure the sustainability of the greater society as a whole.

Though I do not break bread with him, nor take coffee, it is beholden upon the two us to work together so that each may prosper.”

Failure to grasp this idea will eventually lead to an ever-increasing number of those who abandon the concept of a prosperous, civil society until it is too late, and it breaks apart, leaving only the rule of force and the police state it is place.

More simply put, to cry out “Freedom” with total disregard for any societal norms or rules makes you part of the problem for those of us who choose to bear the burden of sustaining our society.

Further, unwillingness to accept the most basic of societal norms and voids your moral right to complain about others who choose not to follow norms and rules you value.

Put into the perspective of today’s modern world let each man or woman living within our civil society ask themselves what they are prepared to offer for the greater good that sustains them, and their families.

Is it really too much to ask that you accept a small proportional balance of “I” and “We?” a simple balance that works towards creating a greater good?

However, if after proper consideration you still can not, then perhaps you could at least do those of us who are willing a small favour?

Stop abusing the word “Freedom,” and call out what you truly desire, “Lazy!”