Is the Maple Proposal the last chance for peace in the Middle East?

The folly of the foolish man blinds him from reality. He basks in the warmth and comfort of his ignorance, willfully denying facts to the detriment of the outcome he unwittingly brings forth, all while truly believing his self-declared moral righteousness.

There is no need to decide from which point of view you choose to consume those words.

Whether it be Palestinian, Israeli, or other, let there be no doubt, those words are an accurate depiction of any man or woman who picks up the banner of cause, and is subsequently blinded by the perception of moral righteousness belonging to the cause they so intolerantly advocate for.

It is this “Madness of Intolerance” that has once again taken hold of the Middle East and lays bare a singular fact each time an angry voice calls out.

The blood of the innocent will not slake the wonton thirst for violence inside the Conflict Zone. 

Even worse, this unquenchable thirst, this living, breathing dark monster that has once again left a needless blight of death and destruction in its path now threatens to choke out any possibility that reason and logic could be uttered by those who wield political power within the Conflict Zone.

Spreading like wildfire across the modern age of hyper-communication, this eagerness for brutality is beginning to leave the common man and woman unable to envision the possibility of hope, the possibility of peaceful coexistence. Until now.

Now, finally, a realistic first step on the path towards peace and prosperity has been presented.

The first step in the Middle East Peace Process is the Maple Proposal.

The Maple Proposal is not intended to be the last word on the Middle East Peace Process, in fact, its intent is the exact opposite. Merely the first words that may begin a conversation focused on finding a long term solution to the Israeli / Palestinian conflict.

The Politics of War

If anyone remains uncertain as to the underlying factors that have contributed to the recent outbreak of violence between the Israelis and the Palestinians, they need not look very far, nor does point of view matter.

Politics, and the short-sighted greed of individual want, continues to be the driving force behind the decision-making process within the Middle East.This unyielding mindset has unfortunately locked the leadership of both sides into an inescapable cycle of violence.

More simply stated, both the Israelis and the Palestinians have become entrenched within the dogma of their unslakable rhetoric. Trapped within the very trenches they have both built, dug in deep, neither side appears able, or willing, to pop their head up for reorientation, or even a breath of fresh air.

Two willing parties blinded by rage and hatred, unwilling to recognize the cycle of futility and destruction they remain entrapped within.

Two willing parties blinded by childish intolerance, unwilling to recognize what may be possible if a solution to their problems were presented.

Such is the state of Israeli / Palestinian relations. 

It is because of the obvious factors in play that even the most nascent observer must recognize and come to terms with the fact that it will take a massively disruptive idea or concept to shatter the fortifications of each combatant’s ideological position.

An idea or concept that once presented will force all parties to the conflict to choose their fate.

Outcomes of Choice

If fate is truly a two-sided coin, then one is left to ponder the two possible outcomes of the Maple Proposal.

One, nothing is learned from this the latest orgy of murder, and the one hundred year cycle of violence that continuously consumes the Middle East begins again

Two, each individual who grasps tightly to a banner of cause takes a deep breath and collectively examines the possibility that there is an equitable solution, and peaceful coexistence is possible.

It is this foundational line of thought; a peaceful coexistence and economic cooperation is more productive, and offers a better way of life for the common man and woman in the Middle East, that underpins the concept of the Maple Proposal.

The idea, concept, or belief that conflict, violence, or war, will not offer a viable solution for the problems of the Middle East Conflict Zone must be brought forward and discussed. It is this rudimentary ideology, this singular or immature point of view, that fuels the “bad politics” of the region and retards any potential for economic independence. 

Ultimately, when the flames of hatred have settled, leaving only the hot glowing embers of intolerance, the theoretical concept of the Maple Proposal, a singular Palestine landmass, must be embraced.

In the end, let each man or woman who refuses to believe in a shared coexistence refute the argument for peace and economic prosperity presented within the Maple Proposal.   

Let each man or woman within the Middle East Conflict Zone, or Global Community make their choice. Yet another one hundred year cycle of violence and futility or peaceful coexistence, and the economic prosperity tolerance brings with it.