Lines Drawn in the Sand

As the Middle Eastern Conflict Zone wobbles and heaves along the precipice of yet another cycle within the endless war, the Middle East appears once again lost within a barren wasteland, where common sense and simple realities are easily forgotten. 

One such bit of common sense, easily forgotten when blinded with rage and hatred, is the concept that “Lines drawn in Sand,” can represent many things.

Within the mindset of one consumed with anger and hatred, a line drawn in the sand hardens with the smallest drop of water and becomes an unmovable concrete barrier. Within the mindset of one who seeks solutions, a line drawn in the sand often moves and shifts with the winds of change. 

Perspective. Point of view. Vision. 

How the Middle Eastern Islamic community reacts if Israel is forced to implement its “No Peace Terms,” will be a clear indicator of how hopeless this most current edition of the cycle will play out.

Will it be a meeting of men, hardened by a lifetime spent beneath the harsh and unforgiving sun, standing upon the sand-covered plains searching together for a way out of the barren desert? 

Or, will it be a meeting of men, one standing upon a stone parapet looking down, as the others look upward and continue to search among themselves for an answer to the question they already know?

Is there an opportunity to reorganize and coexist? Or is it better to remain within the cold darkness of simple anger and rage?

As the lines drawn in sand appear ready to sink further into the barren desert, and dark clouds gather, threatening to add more than enough water to harden even the most amicable position, perhaps now is the time for this generation and all generations who within the Middle Eastern Region, to ask themselves the most base question that is ultimately asked of all humans.

Is true tolerance worth the smallest bit of effort?

“If I put down the tools of hatred and anger, will it help me build something better?”

Would not the smallest bit of effort, not hating your fellow man, or woman, for what you perceive them to have done, or fear they may do, go a long way in helping to make the Middle East, and perhaps the rest of the planet, a more prosperous place to live? 

Though I do not break bread with him, nor do I take coffee, it is beholden upon the two of us to work together to create the economic conditions required, so that we may both live in prosperity.”

If your answer is No, I truly feel sorry for you. For true happiness within the human soul can only be achieved by building something greater than ourselves.

If your answer is Yes, welcome. Now is the time for you, and all people of the Middle East, suffering under the yoke intolerance to speak up, and clearly state; 

“Enough! We want something better. We want an end to the endless wars. We want to live in a tolerant, peaceful, and prosperous world!”

Speak with a whisper, full throat, or simple gesture. The winds of change are no more stoppable than the ocean tide. It starts with one. It starts within you. 

Fear not. This time when the Leadership of your community hears your call for change they will understand. This time the Leadership of all those within the Conflict will understand a basic truth. To maintain effective control of the steering wheel, sometimes one needs to loosen their grip.