Say No to “Bio-Apartheid:” A logic base refute of the vaccine passport.

Author’s note: I am fully vaccinated, two doses. Covid-19 is real, it kills at a rate approximately five times greater than the common flu and is overwhelming existing healthcare delivery models. Also, facial coverings, masks, absorb the respiratory droplets human beings exhale, providing a critical tool for reducing the spread of the virus.

If by the indolence and arrogance of those who have been elected I am asked to surrender the very foundational rights of Western Civilization, “Freedom of Choice,” “Freedom of Movement,” I SAY NO!

“I am sorry, your application for employed is not allowed, you do not possess the right biomarkers.”

“I’m sorry, these apartments are only for those with the correct genetic sequence.”

STOP! You are not permitted outside your biozone!”

Far fetched you scoff? Ridiculous, you chuckle?

Before you turn your nose up at such notions, and summarily dismiss the first steps upon a slippery slope to the dystopia that vaccine passports represent, perhaps you might take a moment and reflect on the current state of your privacy, or what you perceive as your privacy.

How quickly did the general population surrender the right to personal privacy in the name of security and convenience?

How quickly did the corporate world become addicted to abusing the personal privacy of humanity for profit?

How quickly will corporations become addicted to the cost-saving that biological segregation offers? Still laughing now?

Still not “Passport Hesitant?” Then ask yourself one simple question.

Who lobbied elected officials to implement vaccine passports?

In the Province of British Columbia, Premier John Horgan clearly stated that corporations, not healthcare professionals, seeking cost certainty was more important than your civil liberty. Absolutely sickening, and worth repeating.

Corporations seeking cost certainty have convinced lazy and arrogant elected officials to take away your most sacred of civil liberties. Rights and freedoms that have been paid for with the blood of countless men and women in uniform.

It is this failure of leadership, the inability to properly balance population governance with economics, that threatens to doom the human race.

Governance within a new reality for Humanity?

In some form or other, airborne respiratory diseases are here to stay. For the foreseeable future, or beyond, COVID-19 and its variants are yet another new problem of an ever-changing world elected administrators must cope with.

So it falls to these men and women to begin the process of “long term” planning on how best to balance economic policy with effective healthcare delivery and the greater good of the society.

In my opinion, indolent, ill-thought-out knee jerk reactions like “Vaccine Passports” are not the answer.

If the end sum, or primary risk, of the pandemic, remains a collapsed hospitalization system, then new healthcare delivery models, apart and separate, specific to COVID-19 or other variant respiratory diseases, will have to be created if the economies of the global community hope to survive.

Finding a solution to maximizing hospitalization effectiveness and scalability within a “pandemic equation” is an absolute.

The price unvaccinated must pay. Carrot or the stick?

Freedom isn’t free. Blood or treasure, there is a price that must be paid.

If you happen to be petty, selfish, or unwilling to do your civic duty and get vaccinated, then you must come to terms with the fact that the choice comes with a price.

We the citizenry understand your vaccine denial, and though we do not agree with you because your reckless stupidity actually kills, we are forced to accept your decision because we believe in the civil society as a whole.

However, if you choose to remain unvaccinated, I, we, should not be forced to pay the extra cost on the public’s purse your selfishness creates.

It is you the unvaccinated who must bear the greater portion of that cost, and forfeit, or pay, a minimum five hundred dollars per year tax credit.

Beware those who seek a “Vaccine Passport Adventure.”

Beware, and hold fast the elected official who seeks “Adventure.”

The fight for our foundational civil liberties will not be fought within an ivory tower of legislation or jurisprudence. The fight against bio segregation, the first step towards the enslavement of the common man and woman, will be fought in the streets.

“Not with bullets, but with ballots!”