The Maple Proposal: The path that leads to Everything?

Finding a solution to a big problem often requires a big idea.

Even when discovered, a big idea that solves a big problem is often ignored or forgotten because it appeared to difficult to accomplish.

With the Global Community facing many big and complex problems, that require new ideas to solve, it could be argued that identifying a viable path that leads toward a solution to the Israeli / Palestinian conflict is paramount.

Why, you ask, is solving the Israel / Palestinian crisis so important to the Global Community?

Simply stated, the endless petty squabbling over such a small and insignificant portion of global land mass continues to consume a vastly disproportionate amount of the planet’s time and resources, and remains a festering impediment to Humanities evolution and development.

The time has arrived for the Global Community to recognize what might be possible if the planet’s economic and political leadership were to focus on some rudimentary macro economic structuring instead of peddling anger and hatred on the street corner, like petty criminals.

A big idea like the Maple Proposal not only offers an opportunity to solve an incredible big and complex problem but also offers the opportunity for the Global Community to begin laying the foundation of a sustainable structure for Humanity post the Final Industrial Revolution, and in some small way can begin the process of the healing the wounds of division that mankind’s technological wonderments have inflicted upon the human condition.

What is the Maple Proposal?

Not without precedent, the Maple Proposal is a conceptual outline for a step by step separation of the two conflicting parties.

Holding true to the premise of “Equality in Partition,” the Maple Proposal is based upon hypothesis that a viable two-state solution to the Israeli / Palestinian conflict is not possible as long as the Palestinian people remain separated within two landmasses.

Not intended to be the last word, in fact the exact opposite, the Maple Proposal seeks to establish a new starting line in the quest to find an answer to “The Question of Palestine.”

Why the Maple Proposal?

“The dominoes of Global Prosperity and Equality begin to fall with an answer to the Question of Palestine.”

Trapped within the mud of their ideological trenches, neither the Israelis or Palestinians can envision a plausible ending to the fighting, and both remain committed to the ludicrous belief that a one sided victory is within their grasp.

On one hand you have the fundamentally flawed strategic thinking behind the Abraham Accords, Benjamin Netanyahu’s wretchedly pathetic attempt at creating a modern economic apartheid for only “the good Arabs.”

The unrealistic belief that the nation state of Israel will be able to maintain an economic and military siege of the Gaza Strip and West Bank in perpetuity is as ludicrous as it sounds. The only certain outcome this thinking will produce is the never ending cycle of violence and fear.

On the other hand you have the fundamentally flawed strategic thinking behind yet another violent Intifada, the Palestinian Leadership’s wretchedly pathetic attempt at destroying the nation state of Israel.

This unrealistic belief is so childish and broken in thinking that it would be considered comical if not for the endless river of Palestinian youth sent to slaughter. It is one thing to fight and die to protect your home, it is quite another to die needlessly in a fit of rage because you refuse to be reasonable.

The Maple Proposal Vision

Imagine for a moment the vast and sustainable “inclusive wealth” that could be generated within a “Middle Eastern Economic Cooperation Area.”

Imagine an all encompassing Solar Voltronic network spreading across a common desert, and entwined within this cheap and reliable source of energy is a coordinated water sharing network.

In an almost simplistic effort, together, you have created a sustainable wealth generating agricultural foundation that will establish the necessary conditions for the building blocks of an advanced economy.

Imagine for a moment, a desert that blooms not booms.

And finally, pause for a moment to imagine how this regional economic cooperation would impact the Global Community’s geopolitical and economic infrastructure.

Now do understand why finding an answer to the Question of Palestine is so important?